There may come a time when you need to convince a spouse, parent or even yourself why you should own a Savannah cat.  Now we know this might take place before you purchase one. However, there may be a time when you are reminding yourself as your new Savannah cat is sitting in front of the TV while you are trying to watch it that owning a Savannah cat is the best thing since ice cream.

101 Reasons why you should own a Savannah cat

Here are 101 reasons why you should own a Savannah cat

    1. Owning a Savannah cat is good for your heart.
    2. Savannah cats are great for people who don’t have friends because they are great listeners.
    3. Eco-minded people choose Savannah cats over dogs because their poop is smaller, therefore, less of a carbon footprint.
    4. Sleeping with a Savannah cat is just plain awesome.
    5. Savannah cats are tuned into their owners so well they can help by signaling oncoming life-threatening attacks for some humans.
    6. Proven fact – Children raised with Savannah cats are way less allergic to cats all their lives.
    7. Savannah cats give you something to tweet about on Twitter.
    8. Petting a Savannah has a positive calming effect.
    9. Savannah cats form strong bonds with children who are autistic.
    10. The frequency of Savannah cats purring, between 20-140 HZ, can help heal human bones.
    11. Savannah cats will volunteer to wash your dishes for you.
    12. Children who have Savannah cats around have fewer respiratory problems and are generally healthier.
    13. Savannah cats love bubble baths.
    14. Silver-colored Savannah cats can be used as reflectors at night.
    15. Savannah cats are just really cool.
    16. Santa Claus owns a Savannah cat.
    17. Savannah cats will block your view to the TV when they think it’s time to play with them.
    18. Spider webs are cotton candy for a Savannah cat.
    19. Savannah cats are hockey stars. Just turn on a hockey game on TV and watch them bat the puck around.
    20. In the US, Canada and UK Savannahs say, ‘meow.
    21. The French Savannah cat says, ‘miaou.’
    22. In Germany and Portugal, Savannah cats say, ‘miau.’
    23. The Spanish speaking countries Savannah cats say, ‘maullar.’
    24. Greek Savannahs say, ‘niaou.’
    25. In Russia Savannah cats say, ‘myau.’
    26. The Chinese and Italian speaking Savannah cats say, ‘miao.’
    27. Japanese Savannah cats say, ‘nya.’
    28. And finally, Korean Savannah cats say, ‘yaong.’
    29. Savannah cats are the only breed that has a city named after them.
    30. We bet you didn’t know the Savannah cat was so talented.
    31. Savannah cats talk and ask for what they want…. It’s up to their humans to translate.
    32. Savannah cats lower your stress.
    33. People who own Savannah Cats are smarter. They seem to understand the intelligence level of a Savannah and nothing else will do.
    34. Savannah cats are great for people who have friends because when the friends come over they say, “WOW, what’s that cat?” And are sooo envious.
    35. Some Savannah cats are trained service animals.
    36. Savannah cats are great to post about on Facebook
    37. Swelling issues can improve due to Savannah cats purr.
    38. Savannah cat ownership can make a person more stable mental health-wise.
    39. They can help you work on your pitching arm because many love to fetch.
    40. Savannah cats love water.
    41. When you’re bored you can count the spots on your Savannah.
    42. Savannah cats purr can help heal infections.
    43. Talking to your Savannah cat can help you work out grief or fear.
    44. Savannah cats will don a walking jacket and accompany you on your morning run.
    45. No need to have a hairdresser Savannahs love to ‘do’ your hair.
    46. Savannah cats can hear you when you whisper about them.
    47. Cats of Instagram love pictures of Savannah cats.
    48. Savannah cats will jump in the bath and wash your back.
    49. Men who own Savannah cats seem to be more attractive to women.
    50. Savannah cats can improve your mood.
    51. For a Savannah cat gravity is optional.  For Savannah cats, gravity is optional.
    52. Savannah cats walk by moving both right legs at the same time then both left legs.
    53. Save money on make-up because no one will ever look at you again if you have your Savannah with you.
    54. Savannah cats can lower blood pressure and stress.
    55. Fire your massage therapist and let your Savannah catwalk on your back.
    56. Savannah cats can have 100 different words they speak….Dogs have 10.
    57. The need for bathing a Savannah is nonexistent but it is loads of fun.
    58. Savannah cats wake up ready to play so you may wake up to a bed full of their toys.
    59. Sorry guys, Savannahs like soccer and football alright, but hockey is their fav.
    60. Savannah cats dream about flying.
    61. The agility a Savannah cat has makes playing new games better than watching soap operas.
    62. Savannah cat’s spots come in color.  Savannah cats come in color not black and white
    63. Did we mention head bumps and cuddles are the best from a Savannah cat?
    64. Savannah cats will cause you to be more resourceful at hiding things you don’t want them to investigate. It’s up to you to remember the places you hid them.
    65. Once you do bring your Savannah cat home, you will soon find out the cat owns you.
    66. Savannah cat ownership reduces the risk of stroke.
    67. The frequency of Savannah cats purring, between 20-140 HZ, can help heal human bones.
    68. Savannah cats will understand when you are ill and will keep you company.
    69. A Savannah cat is happy to help you cook sweep, mop or whatever you are doing.
    70. Savannah cats can help heal your heart when it is grief-stricken.
    71. Dogs come on command, Savannah cats come because they love you.
    72. Savannah cats are very clean. They spend a LOT of time cleaning themselves….  Sometimes to get the human smell off them.
    73. Once you do bring your Savannah cat home, you will soon find out the cat owns you.
    74. Savannah cats like snacks; olives, cooked oatmeal, beer, potato chips.
    75. At night or when you nap you will have your own source of heat laying on or next to you.
    76. Savannah cats love the smell of bleach but never let them near it.
    77. It’s just so rewarding to look over at that beautifully spotted cat and know you have a tiny piece of the wild in your home.
    78. Therefore, the more Savannahs you have the better that ‘rewarding’ gets.
    79. Savannah cat pictures are the best. You will fill your phone.
    80. Also, you and your Savannah cat will develop a language, (mostly you and mostly baby talk.)
    81. Savannah cats are awesome to pet and admire.
    82. A Savannah cat will improve your balance because they are always underfoot.
    83. There’s no need for an exterminator, Savannah cats will keep the house clean.
    84. A Savannah cat can help with depression.
    85. The Savannah cat will shed a lot less than the other big cat, the Maine Coon.
    86. Savannah cats can tell time; don’t be late with their dinner…or else.
    87. Even Savannah kittens are so aware of their surroundings, if you change their food bowl they look it all over before eating.
    88. Owning a Savannah is like being on a safari in your own home.
    89. Savannah cats can catch a fly in midair.
    90. The affection of a Savannah cat is highly contagious.
    91. After an injury, it is proven the Savannah cats purr helps to heal joint injuries.
    92. The Savannah cat has either a hate or love relationship with the other cat in the mirror.
    93. You can tell your Savanna cat anything, they do not gossip.
    94. Never be alone again, your Savannah cat will accompany you everywhere.
    95. You will never need an alarm clock again.
    96. A Savannah cat will help you get off the phone when you want to hang up. Just say, “gotta go feed the cat.”
    97. Your Savannah cat will answer to any silly name you decide to call him/her.
    98. If you live with family, the Savannah doesn’t take up much space and will fit right in.
    99. Savannah cats love to run on the exercise wheel and guilt you into exercising too.
    100. Toys for Savannah cats are cheap; their favorite is a blade of grass.
    101. Savannah cats rule; on the other hand, dogs drool.

Do you know now why you should own a Savannah cat?

If this tongue-in-cheek list of 101 reasons why you should own a Savannah cat doesn’t do it for you there is plenty of other reading.  Head on over to look at some of the helpful articles on Savannah cats and children and Questions to ask a breeder when buying a Savannah.  We have a breeder list and even a chart that shows the range of pricing.  There is a Savannah cat FAQ section to get quick answers. We are the one-stop-shop for picking out a Savannah cat or kitten of your own and now that you have these reasons why it should make it easy. Protection Status

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