are savannah cats destructive

Savannah cats love paper towels and toilet paper

Are Savannah Cats destructive? First, let us define the term “destructive”. Able to crush tall buildings with a single blow of their paw? Faster than the bathroom door closing when you want to be alone? More powerful than the toilet paper roll that they are chasing down the hallway? Or just a permanent two-year-old wrapped up in a fuzzy spotted ball of fur?

Savannah cats are highly intelligent. Thereby, they are easily bored. Furthermore, boredom can lead to what people would term as destructiveness. Shredded paper towels, clothes yanked from drawers, shower curtains in a pile on the bathroom floor, etc.

In order to help dispel that energy, play is at the top of the list. Savannahs are up for anything. Teach them to play fetch. Also, feather toys are always a winner. Hide and seek is a game they can become quite good at. Even something as simple as yarn tied to a doorknob.

Also, constructing a curious-type of an environment that is stimulating is a good idea. However, it does not have to be expensive, just things that they can play with and satisfy their natural curiosity.

Get creative!

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Scratching posts
  2. High shelving
  3. Tunnels
  4. Cardboard boxes
  5. Brown paper bags
  6. Cat towers
  7. Enclosed fish tanks for visual stimulation
  8. Simple plastic balls and furry stuffed toys

And best of all, a playmate to be mischievous with actually helps.  Whether it be another cat or dog, Savannahs crave interaction.  Whether with yourself or with a fellow pet, they will play with them all.

The next best thing compared to yourself or a playmate is an access to the outside.  It can be a simple as a caged box attached to a window or a large outdoor enclosure.  There are many options available.

Each Savannah is different. So some are content to chase balls and simply run from one end of the house to the other end.  Others need more. However, with activities, the words Savannah cat destructive should never be an issue.

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