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Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a Death Sentence

Almost every day we see a cat die of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).  And that is only the ones we see on social media.  We are an Association made up of Savannah cat owners and breeders.  As our focus, we support FIP research that will help all cats.  Currently, there is a cure.  Yet that cure is not approved for use in this country.

The Cure

Many people have turned to groups of people, who remain unnamed. The groups help them to get a cure available from another country.  Consequently, many cats are saved due to this help and medication.

The Expense

FIP medication is extremely expensive.  Many must part with their dear feline friends because they cannot afford this medication.

Our Association donates to the research of a new drug with promising effects on this horrible disease.  Yet, it is not enough.  We would love to be able to help cats with FIP right now.  Help those cats and their people afford the existing treatments and stop the useless dying.

Donate Today

You can help by donating today. Sixteen dollars will help a cat get treatment for one day.  The medicine must be taken for 84 days.

What We Do

Here at the Savannah Cat Association, every project done is by a volunteer person.  So, not one person on the staff gets paid.  Our members donate through membership.  The memberships are either yearly or monthly and we run a tight ship.

Members Keep Us Running

Our operating expenses are covered by these member donations and we still have a bit of surplus to help fight FIP and even donate to Savannah Rescue.

We want to do much more.  Your donations will go a long way to finding a cure for FIP for all cats, not just Savannah cats.  Please give generously today.


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