Join The Savannah Cat Association

Join Savannah Cat Association

Our staff and members all invite you to join the Savannah Cat Association.  Membership dues not only provide benefits for our members, we educate the feline-loving population about everything cat.   Here are 10 reasons to become a member.

  1. The Savannah Cat Association Members are a connected community.  Therefore, we have the same goals and provide a powerful and fun experience.
  2. We are set up to help you connect with peers to collaborate and enhance your business.
  3. The Association website is a gateway to tons of help and information.
  4. Network with Like-Minded professionals.
  5. Find or be a mentor.
  6. Have a voice in projects and causes we support.
  7. Awareness of opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise know about.
  8. Join the fight against FIP.  We support FIP research so all cats may have a cure soon.
  9. Competitive advantage.
  10. We are the Savannah cat place for innovative ideas and opportunities for growing and giving.

Join Us

If you aren’t ready to join us and our causes, maybe volunteering or donating would be better for you. Protection Status

Savannah Cat Association

Non Profit Organization

We are a 501(c)(3) Organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service since 2018

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