SCA Mission Statement

The Savannah Cat Association formed with a mission statement to fight disabling feline diseases as a service to educate the public who would like:
  • sociable,
  • healthy,
  • fully-tested,
  • certified-disease-free Savannahs.
  • whose kittens come from caring homes,
  • no cages or kitty-mills.

Our Main Focus

We concentrate on wiping out that horrible cat disease, FIP.  In addition, turning our focus on other major diseases as we find the cure. Our main focus is on cleanliness because it is the first and best defense against a cat or kitten coming down with Coronavirus.  Coronavirus is the precursor to FIP.
We understand that is not always enough and it is also the reason we support the researchers and scientists at UC Davis University.  There is possibly a very good treatment.  This treatment has cured some cats in the testing stage.  Now there will be years of government approvals to go through before its release.
So, we have set out to help through the entire process.  In addition we hope to support the Savannah cat owners whose cats are affected in the meantime.

Scams Artists Beware

Another segment of our Association’s existence is to eliminate scam artists.  In today’s world, there are scams in many places.  Scammers have taken
advantage of families looking for a Savannah kitten.  We work to ferret them out and report them so no one else will be taken to the cleaners and ending up without the pet they wanted.

Rescuing Savannah Cats

We occasionally will rescue a Savannah cat if one of our members lives close by.  However, for the most part, rescue is beyond the scope of our capabilities so we chose to refer to the rescue services of those who give of their time and facilities to do that very important work.

The Savannah Vision

Finally, we strive to standardize the look of the Savannah, promote ethical breeding practices and produce educational seminars and online publications. We work to fulfill the vision originally established by the founders of the Savannah Cat Breed.

Savannah Cat Association Mission Statement Protection Status

Savannah Cat Association

Non Profit Organization

We are a 501(c)(3) Organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service since 2018

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