Here you will find those Savannah cat breeder members who have signed our Member Pledge and who work hard to maintain high health and cleanliness standards and socialized Savannah kittens and cats.

SCA Breeder Members

ContinentCountryBreederSCA Member PledgeTICA Code of EthicsCattery of ExcellenceP-K-A-R on Request*
AsiaPhillipinesFigtree Felines

EuropeFranceSavannahs Kalmia

EuropeGreeceSavannah Loveyes
EuropeUnited KingdomDotty SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomManimar Wild CatsyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomNefer Sahb SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
EuropeUnited KingdomSavannahcatmaniayes
EuropeUnited KingdomScottyspotsyes
EuropeUnited KingdomSouthcoast Savannahs
CanadaBritish ColumbiaBastet Exotics
America/United StatesAlabamaDixieDotzyesyesyesP-K-A-R
Arkansas5 River Savannahs
yes yesP-K-A-R
ArkansasTen Lives Savannahs
CaliforniaLovelee SavannahyesyesyesP-K-A-R
CaliforniaMilke's Savannahs
ColoradoBoutique ExoticatyesyesP-K-A-R
FloridaTimbuktu CatteryyesP-K-A-R
MichiganAsala Savannahs
MichiganMotown CatsyesP-K-A-R
MichiganSalem's PrideyesP-K-A-R
MichiganStarfell SavannahsyesyesyesP-K-A-R
MissouriSt. Louis SavannahsyesP-K-A-R
MontanaCameo KittiesyesP-K-A-R
New MexicoAkila SavannahyesyesyesP-K-A-R
OhioAll Paws N PurrsyesyesP-K-A-R
OhioSouthern Ohio SavannahsyesP-K-A-R
OklahomaSavannah Cats of Nightfall
OregonHouse of Savannah
PennsylvaniaMegaspotz Savannahsyes
South CarolinaDebidolittles Purrfect ExoticsyesP-K-A-R
South DakotaSavannah Prairie
TennesseeEast TN Savannahs
WashingtonBelle ExoticsyesyesP-K-A-R
WashingtonRainier Savannahs
WashingtonVolbarre SavannahsyesyesP-K-A-R
WisconsinSkyview Savannahyesyes
*Some members choose to make testing and references available on request. Each member may show what is available by choosing P for PCR testing, K for PK Deficiency Testing, A for PRA testing and R for References.