As a breeding member of the Savannah Cat Association, I pledge that I understand the principles of integrity, fairness, and respect for potential kitten owners and fellow breeders.

I acknowledge that my cats and kittens are getting the best possible veterinarian care, testing, up-to-date immunizations, attention, and living environment available.

I have agreed to follow the Savannah Cat Standard as set down by TICA and will only place breeders that meet this standard.

I will try to make every kitten adoption one that best fits the situation for the kitten as well as the adoptive parents. If an issue arises, I will work with the kitten’s new family to ensure they are happy.  I will always take back all kittens or cats that I have placed if necessary.

I agree to honor all contracts as written.  Also to accept S.C.A. mediation of my peers, if or when all other avenues of negotiation and resolution have failed.

Savannah Cat Association member pledge Protection Status

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