List of Questions to Ask Before Buying a Savannah

The following questions will serve as a guideline to help you choose a responsible breeder who puts kitten health and welfare before anything else.  It will help you to weed out backyard breeders who don’t give good care.  Also, these questions will assist you to find those people who are not legitimate and are attempting to scam.

The questions will remind you of the important bases to cover about testing and immunizations and if others are happy with the kittens they have received.  Feel free to print the list of questions and use it.

Here is your list of questions to ask your breeder:

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  • Are your kittens registered? If so, what association registers them for you?
    Example: TICA (The International Cat Association)
  • What testing has been done? Will you send me the results?
    Example: PkDef (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency), PRA, PCR Fecal, and Upper Respiratory for communicable diseases.
  • Are they energetic? How do you handle the space they need to run and play?
    *This will help you to find out what type of environment they grew up in.
  • How long have you been breeding? Do you have a list of references I can contact?
    *Do not be afraid to adopt from a new breeder.  Once determined they are ethical and responsible, you may get a great kitten.
  • What breed are the mother and the father?
    Example: Savannah to Savannah breeding.  Or Savannah to Bengal breeding.
  • What immunizations will the kitten have when they are old enough to come home?
    **Kittens should, at minimum, receive two core vaccinations before being adopted.

If the breeder sounds good after these, go on to ask these further questions:

  • What further vaccinations do you recommend?
  • Can I see pictures of the parents of my kitten?
  • Do you have the pedigrees of the parents and may I see them?
  • What food do you feed?
  • Can you do a live chat or Skype so I can see the kitten with you?
  • Will I receive interim photos and videos once I pick out a kitten until they are ready to come home?
  • Are you a member of the Savannah Cat Association?

These questions and any others you may think of will help you determine ahead of time if you are choosing a responsible breeder.

Happy Savannah hunting. Protection Status

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