Savannah Cat Size is Important to Many Owners

Savannah Cat SizeAs breeders, we almost always hear questions about Savannah cat size.  It is frustrating at times because some breeders promise huge cats as sales techniques.  As breeders, we have these beautiful kittens with huge ears, long legs, and black markings and many people simply care about Savannah cat size.  As breeders, we love to get to know the people who may want our kittens, so we can get them matched to the right kitten within their budget.  Okay, back to how big Savannah cats get.

Savannah Cats Are Tall

Savannah cats are usually taller than most other purebred cat breeds.  They have long bodies and graceful long necks.  Because if that, many people think they weigh much more than they do.

Guessing Savannah Weight

Once, as an experiment, a tall F3 Savannah male appeared at a TICA show.  Spectators held the F3 and guessed his weight.  Most people guessed between 18 to 22 pounds.  The F3 Savannah weighed 14 pounds.  So, you see, if a person is holding a big, long-legged cat, the tendency is to over-judge its weight.

F1 and F2 Savannahs are the Biggest

The early generations, F1 and F2 are, more times than not, the biggest Savannahs.  That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t find a large F5 or other generation.

Savannah Cat Size Comparison

This article studies the actual size of Savannah cats of all generations.  It has actual Savannah gender, height, and weight.  We intend to add data as time passes and also keep a history so Savannah cat size may be tracked to see if generations are getting larger or smaller as time goes on.  H will always mean height.  W will always mean weight.

Adult domestic cat or tabby cat –          Average Height  9.1-9.8 in              Average Weight 7.9-9.9 lbs

Savannah Size by Generation

  • H-15, W-20
  • H-16, W-24
  • H-14.75, W-18
  • H-18, W-19
  • H-13, W-14
  • H-19, W-32
  • H-16, W-16
  • H-15.5, W-16
  • H-20, W-22
  • H-17, W-19.2
  • H-15, W-13*
  • H-13, W-14
  • H-13, W-14
  • H-17, W-14
  • H-15, W-16
  • H-13, W-10*
  • H-13, W-14
  • H-14, W-11
  • H-13, W-14
  • H-12, W-11
  • H-16, W-12
  • H-13, W-13.5
  • H-14, W-13
  • H-12, W-9.6
  • H-12, W-11.6
  • H-14, W-14
  • H-10, W-7
  • H-12.5, W-13
  • H-10, W-9
  • H-11.75, W-10.4*
  • H-15, W-17
  • H-15, W-20

Thanks to Those We Gave Us Their Savannah Information

We would like to thank the following for taking the time to contribute data that helps prove how big Savannahs are: Donna Pinillos, Stacee Dallas, Michelle Schwoch, Josephine Krokel, Erin Vasquez,  Lorre Smith, Meghan Romito, Donna Kay, Christine Borle, Tammy Rene Crawford, Susan Newmayer, Laura Root, Rebecca Cleveland-Diel, Jenn Culler, Alexander Arvizu.

Do You Want to Send in Your Savannah Info?

If you have a Savannah cat and you would like to be part of our project to determine Savannah cat size, please send height, weight, gender, and generation of your cats.  Your name and cattery name (if you are a breeder) should also be included.  We reserved the right to not list a cat that either cannot be identified as a Savannah or is completely outside the normal Savannah cat size.  Email us.  Also, our FAQ pages answer a lot of other questions.

*These cats are young adults. Protection Status

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