Volunteering is Good For the Soul



Here at the Savannah Cat Association, every project done is by a volunteer person or group.  Not one person on the staff gets paid.  That means if one of the staff or a volunteer doesn’t know how to do something, it must wait.  Instead, we add it a list of projects that will hopefully get attention someday soon.

Speaking of projects, some of the most important items are here:

  1. Keeping up with FIP research and making notes for articles and our newsletter. Our main focus of the Association is to help prevent kittens and young cats from dying from this extremely dangerous and deadly disease.  Therefore, we always want to know of any breaking news of a powerful impact on a cure.  There are many sources to watch.
  2. We need authors with excellent grammar and spelling to write articles for the website and for our newsletter.  We can never have enough information on our site.  It’s what we are about.
  3. Letter writers. We need people who can spend time writing to people who would like to join our Association or donate.  In fact, people who could take advantage of our information or who would like to join and support the Association.
  4. Fundraisers. Do you have a special gift talking to others?  Every time we receive a monetary gift it can bring the FIP cure for all cats closer to reality.  Right now, there is a cure for many cats that get FIP but it is not approved in the USA.  The only way to get treatment is to order from outside the country from those who produce it and charge way too much.
  5. Website help. Those who are very familiar with Word Press, WooCommerce and the Flatsome Themes would come in quite handy.  Due to the fact we only have one person on staff who wears many other hats.  Therefore, this type of know-how would help.
  6. Items for raffles to raise funds are a welcome gift.
  7. Animal advocates across the US who can mediate with those who make the laws.
  8. Many miscellaneous little tasks.
  9. If you would like to be a part of the staff, join us and apply for a position.
  10. Veterinarians and professional feline scientists as authorities are always needed and appreciated.


Of course, we are always open to suggestions and other gifts we don’t know we need yet.  Many times, we don’t know we need something until we have it and use it.

Finally, we wish to thank those who have been there from the beginning and all those who have helped along the way.  We would not be here without volunteers.


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